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Deniya the deathknight by Deniya
by Deniya

I think the pose is pretty good, as it shows a great improvement on the anatomy. I like the idea of the new armor, and how it is connec...



Jellybean still got it! :D by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Jellybean still got it! :D
He doesn't have Tahm kench's raw sustained damage, or shield, but damn is he flexible! :D Plus it's nice to be able to gank at lvl 3 and pressure the opponents :) That is how I was able to destroy Darius 3 times top and helped Trundle snowball :) Same with bot, where I destroyed Vayne and helped bot push :)

To make it short, this guy his guide is exactly how I would do it right now:… Except I took AP Quinns instead of health (he also mentions how that is an option though), and I choose W or Q based on how I'm doing (Q ganking I guess? But I usually go W for super clears and nice big damage against tanks). Also I took double edged sword instead of expose weakness for the nice burst.

Zac with these items is really bursty, yet also tanky enough to take a few hits :) His early is pretty nice, and in the end it's all a matter of knowing how to play him :) You can also build him very versatile, but I prefer to also build him a bit damagy since I love tanks with CC but also damage. And damage is actually pretty neat on Zac :)

So yeah, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the big guy! :D
Gazlowe is fun :) by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Gazlowe is fun :)
So I took a small break playing Tahm Kench in ranked, and tried out Gazlowe after seeing this video:…

And boy, is he fun :) He plays a lot like Heimerdinger, but his abilities feel much more rewarding :) Guess Murky and Gazlowe will be my go to go players in Heroes of the Storm :)

Oh, and when overwatch comes out, Roadhog will probably be my favourite there XD I love tanks who can deal damage and also have decent CC :) Hence my love for Tahm Kench, Sion, and Zac :)
Senpai Niels
So.. it appears the double Doran's Sion is pretty good in top against Fiora as well! :D So well that I even got called Senpai by the enemy MF ;p

So that would scratch Riven, Tahm Kench, and now Fiora of the list of powerfull top laners which I destroyed with my Sion build :)

And again, same runes and masteries like I used here:… Mixed offensive tree… and movespeed Quinns, hybrid pen reds, scaling armor yellows, and scaling MR blues :) Play your abilities right and you can outtrade anyone when playing smart :) Also dat map control! (Didn't lose any of my towers in top! And still went all over the map to R and TP to get my teammates rolling!:XD:)

Again, I highly recommend this build :) Oh, and I posted it here as well:…
Two Doran's rings, one Sion by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Two Doran's rings, one Sion
So.. it's been a while since I played Sion, and while the current items are okay with him, I still missed having items that let me have sticking power (also for when you're dead), and also damage.

That is, until I found this guide:… (even has my exact same runes XD) with double doran's start. And taking gromp (and dying to him) to get even more gold and get a total of 3 health pots and 3 mana pots with your first Doran. And instead of the runes and masteries there I went offensive… with a dual damage tree for Sion's hybrid damage, which allowed me to poke my enemy Riven to low health every time, and deny her farm :) Be sure to level E first, then W for the tankyness and also area damage, and thirdly your Q (or a few points in W, then level Q second).

And I took the items you see here: matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegen… (if they had a fed AD I would have taken thornmail instead). And as a final item instead of boots I would have taken DMP for the movespeed (to compensave for no boots).

This build is pretty amazing :) Your early is pretty good if you can play it relatively safe (was able to out duke Riven and Hecarim early). And if you farm a lot (which you have to do and push the wave) then you will be a late game monster! Also with this build you get moderate tankyness, but will deal tons of damage! This build is all about the armor shred, and the area damage and CC you can dish out :) And ofcourse about pushing lanes! Serieusly, you gotta push those lanes all the way, and gank the enemies and CC them for your team :) Try to save your teleport, as it came in use once when I destroyed the enemy Jinx and allowed my bot to farm and get even again :)

Heck, in my first match I was able to outdual Tahm Kench! :D Even though I build a lot of HP on him ;p He's definately a viable pick with this build :) It's very aggressive orientated, though ofcourse you should not let Tahm get stacks on you, and just keep him at a distance :) With your runes and masteries you should have enough base damage and defense to go with this build in the mid to late game, as was evident as I kept surviving ganks XD (first time I died to gromp, second to killing Lux because I got too aggressive and killed her under her tower after pushing the wave.

All in all I think Sion is still very viable with this build, and I highly recommend trying it :)
You make me melt by NIELSPETERDEJONG
You make me melt
Well in the case of Zac, going in Cell Division to be more precise ^^; Come on, can you blame the big guy with such a beautifull Bae? ^_^

Though ofcourse the real reason he went all Cell Division on her was because she kicked his ass in a training session. Because let's be honest, Riven kicks ass ;p Don't worry though, he'll be able to pull himself together in no time, just so that he can give her some much deserved Snu Snu :aww:

This gorgeous picture with my OTP was drawn by the amazing リチェ… and her gorgeous artstyle <3 I highly recommend checking out her gallery :)

Aren't they just adorb? <3
So as some of you know, a while ago I posted a journal entry telling a number of Zac x Riven fanfictions I found over the years Amazing Zac x Riven fanficTIONS! :DI don't often post journals related to fanfics XD But one of my favourite fanfiction artists, LolGoau, has just drawn an amazing Zac x Riven fanfiction! <3 I honestly was not expecting that, and it's awesome to see such a well known fanfic writer write about one of my OTP's! <3 It is actually really hilarious, touching, and a bit sexy combined! :3 I've read a number of good fanfictions in the past, but I really REALLY recommend reading this one! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! ^_^
There is a bit of lemon at the end though, but the artist warns for that beforehand :)
Here is a link to it: (Lemon)
Hope you all like it, and tell me what you think about it here? I'd love to read your reactions as well! :)
EDIT: Also, an artist from DA :icondemaciansentry: has begun writing fanfics about this pairing
Some of these are short, while others have finished or the writers have taking a pause on writing them. However they are all still great, and I strongly recommend reading them :)

However, recently I had the pleasure of reading :icondevioussockmonkey: his brand new Zac x Riven fanfiction: Broken Blade. Which you can read here on…

The writing is very good, and I had a blast reading the first chapter :) I highly recommend everyone to follow him on, as his story is already very promising, and I have high hopes it will only get better :)


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