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Deniya the deathknight by Deniya
by Deniya

I think the pose is pretty good, as it shows a great improvement on the anatomy. I like the idea of the new armor, and how it is connec...



Riven is Thirsty
So it's been a while since I uploaded some really mature content. However, this doesn't have any crotches being shown, so I thought this would be as borderline as they got :) 

A little something that Sieyarelow:… made in his amazing artstyle. And I think he really outdid himself on this one! ^^ 

I really love cute couple pictures! Especially the ones that are sexy as well! <3

Oh, and you can find more stuff like this on my Tumblr:… Or Furaffinity:… You'll need accounts with adult filter off for both ofcourse :) 
Family time part 1 by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Family time part 1
The first page of a very cute but also naughty comic that I've uploaded on my Tumblr:… (NSFW ahead)

Hope you guys like something more mature and sexy as well ^_^

The artist is Matt262… be sure to check out his gallery as well :) 
Sion support S+
It's been a while since I did one of these :) Well I came across this guide:… and I felt it was pretty good! So here's me sharing it with you guys :) 

These were my runes and masteries: matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegen… you can also take thunderlords ofcourse :) 
Sylvania life

So there is actually a really big story behind this picture :) To start, there were a few things that inspired it:

The new Warhammer total war that came out, with the Vampire counts.

Some digging I did into the Vampire counts, showing that their first count, Vlad, was actually a pretty decent guy who wanted to rule over the humans instead of killing them all.

And this story here:… along with many others that you will find in that thread, showing stories depicting a scenario where the evil overlord actually makes live better for the common folk. It’s pretty interesting, and fun to read, so I strongly recommend taking a look.

To sum it up, in strategy games I always hated that my men would die. Yes I know, it’s a game and all. But I worked hard to build them up, and got invested in them, and I hated to see them get slaughtered (bad flash backs from Lotr). However, then I read those stories I just linked, and realised that if some lord was indeed using necromancy, it would mean he could just use the undead to fight his wars, and keep the peasantry out of it and on the fields. Hell, the undead could maintain the infrastructure and other tasks, and the peasantry could work on the farms or gain educations. There was even a fun story where witches were “persuaded” to lessen the costs of their boons, in exchange for not being hunted down, and gaining lots of more magical acolytes. 

I loved the idea of a society which seems evil, but which actually is pretty good towards the common man. I hated how Manfred was such an ass in Warhammer though, and how the country side was oppressed. Which was in stark contrast to Vlad, who was a pretty decent fella. Seems all the vampire curse does is make you immortal and occasionally you need a blood tax (aka, someone, or a few, whom you take a little blood from from time to time ideally), and you are pretty much the same. Shame that many who seek vampirism are pretty evil. Which is where this idea comes in.

How about a Vampire counts faction that’s much like the story I linked, with a count who is a lot like ol’ Vlad Carstein? Who leaves the peasant folk alone to tend the farms, and gives them more rights and even a better living condition like even the empire? Knowing that in order to feed you need a healthy and prosperous people. The healthier they are, the better the quality of their blood. 

Here you can see him standing with a raised Dire wolf pup, with his brother, a witch, and her daughter to the right just casually enjoying themselves while she rides a pet zombie. Don’t be mistaken though, they will still unleash their horrors on their enemies. They are just more compassionate to their own people. 

Just a little idea I had before I got sucked into the Lizardmen :) I’m building a miniature army with my little brother of them, and I can’t wait to see them in the game! :D Hope you guys like this artpiece with the more noble Vampire counts, drawn by the talented Soulfein (You can find him on Tumblr, searching it in google :))

EDIT: Does anyone remember the Zac x Riven fanfiction "Time heals all wounds" by :icondemaciansentry: ? Well he has just uploaded the latest and final chapter of the series :) I missed his work, so I was pleasantly surprised this morning when he had uploaded the final installment of his Zac x Riven fanfiction, and I highly recommend taking a look at it ^^ You can find it here:…

Enjoy! :)


So as some of you know, a while ago I posted a journal entry telling a number of Zac x Riven fanfictions I found over the years Amazing Zac x Riven fanficTIONS! :DI don't often post journals related to fanfics XD But one of my favourite fanfiction artists, LolGoau, has just drawn an amazing Zac x Riven fanfiction! <3 I honestly was not expecting that, and it's awesome to see such a well known fanfic writer write about one of my OTP's! <3 It is actually really hilarious, touching, and a bit sexy combined! :3 I've read a number of good fanfictions in the past, but I really REALLY recommend reading this one! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! ^_^
There is a bit of lemon at the end though, but the artist warns for that beforehand :)
Here is a link to it: (Lemon)
Hope you all like it, and tell me what you think about it here? I'd love to read your reactions as well! :)
EDIT: Also, an artist from DA :icondemaciansentry: has begun writing fanfics about this pairing
Some of these are short, while others have finished or the writers have taking a pause on writing them. However they are all still great, and I strongly recommend reading them :)

However, recently I had the pleasure of reading :icondevioussockmonkey: his brand new Zac x Riven fanfiction: Broken Blade. Which you can read here on…

The writing is very good, and I had a blast reading the first chapter :) I highly recommend everyone to follow him on, as his story is already very promising, and I have high hopes it will only get better :)


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