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Deniya the deathknight by Deniya
by Deniya

I think the pose is pretty good, as it shows a great improvement on the anatomy. I like the idea of the new armor, and how it is connec...



Full win score by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Full win score
All thanks to Vel'koz support (suck on that MetaTHPr4h :lol:), Sion Jungle, and Heimy ^_^ Usually I have about a 70% win rate, and getting 100% is always awesome :D

Plus this is all while having shitton of lagg with the last matches :3 I hope Rito will fix the normal servers (nothing wrong on the ranked servers for some reason...) and EUW entirely at that ^^;

Ps: The second one is with a full build :) (would have exchanged Frost queen for maybe Rabbadon's deathcap?) And the last one is with Lucian going "I think I'm the support here after me carrying the game ^^; With the second to last being the one with 10/10 botlane :) Funny how all those awesome moments are here ^^

Oh, and no, I'm not bragging XD I just loved these moments and posted them here for momento's for builds and reminders :) Hope you guys don't mind, and that you like the art I post in my gallery as well :)
Oh yeah, dat's satsifying :D by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Oh yeah, dat's satsifying :D
Did you ever have a match in which your bot and mid constantly did badly, and when you tried to go in to help and got killed by ambushes they started flaming and belittling you? And after you muted you find you and bot are doing pretty decently, but top and mid keep feeding, dont' join the teamfights and just push the lane like toxic jerks? And that you thought this was going to be over anyway, but despite a vote to surrender from Jinx (I clicked as well) most decide to try and go on? And did you find out that with enough tankyness, with your CC, and your passive you were eventually able to kick their asses together with Jinx and Tresh and then destroy them at the very end despite all odds? :D

YUP, that just happened! :lol: Also one of the most satisfying things in that match was to see Zed disrespect me by laughing when I was on his tail, then hit him in my passive to almost death (I think he laughed again after that), only for him to find that my elder lizard finished him off! >:3 Very satisfying you annoying OP jerk! :lol: That and the satisfaction of throwing it into the face of Azir that I carried his useless ass! >:3
Lucian: I think I might be the support :) by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Lucian: I think I might be the support :)… OH DARN! (though my Liandry's and sorc boots would have finished Malphite off just like I finished Maokai off! >:3 )

The title is Lucian after I had managed to kill their annoying Zilean with a T'ed Q, followed by barely finishing off Akali with a ult followed by a Q and W and E thanks tot he lower cooldowns from my frostqueen's claim :lol:

Funny thing is, I always disliked the idea of finishing your support item on AP damage supports, as well as the Liandry's as some Vel'koz support guides have mentioned. However after noticing that he has a slow on his Q as well as his R, I thought I'd give it a try. And I found out that the little extra tankyness from it and magic pen and damage allowed me to turn the tide even as a support with less gold :)

I wasn't able to use my Rabbadon's deathcap, but I just bought it at the end for the full build :) I took these masteries for AP support:… with AP Quinns, Magic pen reds, armor yellows, and scaling AP blues. I highly recommend him :) He's squishy, so you will have to ward a lot and be carefull of ganks (and try to go in groups), but if you are able to poke and kite it's so much fun! :D

I started this time with the spellthief's edge, a green ward, and a health pot. I was a bit low on health, but I thought I'd be sure to buy a extra ward for when we pushed the lane. Though it helped that our mid Ezreal was amazing with from his lane, and that prevented a Akali gank, and because my green ward saw that she left we then pushed the tower down :) Also try to buy a ward (also a pink if your blue team for your top bush) when you can before you have your sightstone. It helps :) But yeah, these items are a lot better then the previous ones, magic pen > mobility, especially if your a squishie support ;p
Romantic picnic by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Romantic picnic
I guess Zac got too excited during his anniversary with Riven, and well cell division happened ^^;

Fortunately Riven is used to that by now, and doesn't let it stop her and her hubby from having a romantic evening ^_^

Courtesy of the talented :iconkapiheartlilly: :)
And I almost forgot to upload this little jewel! XDDD

I requested :iconmonorirogue: for a picture with the new Championship Shyvana, and he didn't dissapoint! :XD: Serieusly, I didn't know that he would add this little addition of kitty Tristana (based on the new splash art that makes her look like that ;p)

Shyvana fortunately has come a long way :) Remember that ancient picture with her and my little brother's Kha'zix? Cheer up Well not only has her "small" buff made her into a unstoppable late game monster, she now also has her very own championship skin! :D

Cheers Shyvana! You've earned it! :)

Also here is the text from the artist:

Trist: Shyv~can I have buffs plz!?
Shyv: Of course not, the game just started and i need my red for jungling!
Trist: Pretty please? Please!?
Shyv: NO!
Trist: got a new skin and you're still being stingy...
Shyv: What does skins have to do with buffs...
Shyv: ...NO! And get off my back, I can't attack like this!!
Trist: PLZ!!?? PLZ!? PLZZZZZZZZ!!!
Shyv: .....


I don't often post journals related to fanfics XD But one of my favourite fanfiction artists, LolGoau, has just drawn an amazing Zac x Riven fanfiction! <3 I honestly was not expecting that, and it's awesome to see such a well known fanfic writer write about one of my OTP's! <3 It is actually really hilarious, touching, and a bit sexy combined! :3 I've read a number of good fanfictions in the past, but I really REALLY recommend reading this one! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! ^_^


There is a bit of lemon at the end though, but the artist warns for that beforehand :)


Here is a link to it:… (Lemon)


Hope you all like it, and tell me what you think about it here? I'd love to read your reactions as well! :)

EDIT: Also, an artist from DA :icondemaciansentry: has begun writing fanfics about this pairing as well! :) They are less Lemon so far, but definately interesting and fun to read! You can find them here:… :) (sfw)

EDIT: There is a new Zac x Riven fanfiction writer in town, BluePress, who so far has proven to be a really promising fanfiction writer :) Make sure to pay his page a visit: As well as his fanfiction "Secret matters"… Trust me, you won't regret it! ;) (sfw, maybe lemon later)

EDIT: And here is a more adult fanfiction from XYLag… named Slimy adventure for a reason! XD (~Warning, adult!) And here is another one :)… (warning, once again adult! XD)

EDIT: And there is a new and really talented Zaciven fanfiction writer in town as well :) Her name is cutieinacoffeehat and she is from Tumblr :) You can find the first two chapters to her fanfiction here:…… (sfw)
She is great with well described action scenes, but also realistic interesting and often cute interaction between characters :) If you have a Tumblr account, be sure to follow her for new chapters :)

EDIT: I can't believe it! There was this amazing Zac fanfiction and I've never found it before O.O Serieusly, go check it out!…


Current Residence: HOLLAND

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