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Deniya the deathknight by Deniya
by Deniya

I think the pose is pretty good, as it shows a great improvement on the anatomy. I like the idea of the new armor, and how it is connec...



Not even mad, had fun :) by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Not even mad, had fun :)
So sadly our Morgana had a internet blackout (otherwise we would have won clean ^^; ) so more then half the match it was a 4 v 5 with them having a skarner ;p

nevertheless, we postponed the match to 50 minutes, and at times even almost had the advantage and win :) Overall I learned a ton with Tahm Kench. Which includes that sometimes your teammates get in the way and you eat them instead. But also that randuin's as a boot swap is a very bad idea, and if you really want you should take trinity for the movespeed :) Though you can also keep Ninja tabi ofcourse, for the armor which syncs with your thornmail. But yeah, the same runes and masteries as here:… as I played with :iconhaymunk: again.

Also their skarner suddenly got "offended" when I said we almost won, and then said I was "salty" while I was just excited ^^; Oh well, guess some people just get defensively :) Though I don't see how he would be truly proud of his victory (as he pretty much appeared to) as he was 4 v 5? Oh well, his loss :) You have more from the matches where you learn the most, and just have fun :) Not playing a champ that got overbuffed ;p Oh well, have another screenshot :) Oh, and I got S rating :)
Some small changes :) by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Some small changes :)
So.. I've had the same masteries:… but now with 3 armor quinns, scaling health yellows, attack speed reds, 3 scaling CDR blues, 6 scaling MR blues :) The extra defense really helps XD Oh, and leveling Q second, and leveling Q first (ish), then W. Often I kinda mix it a bit though :)

And yes, I took the stalkers blade :) Didn't have any mana problems except one time. So it's pretty good on him, especially if Tahm's W cost will be reduced like in the PBE :)

I just need to learn that once I go in, I also should walk out if I get treatened to be bursted down, lure them into my team ;p
AP Olaf OP :D
Well it is :) :iconhaymunk:, me, and the rest of our team had great synergy. I also loved how good :iconhaymunk: was now with AP olaf XD

Also I took these masteries:… along with the scaling cdr blues, scaling health yellows, armor quinns, and attack speed reds :)
Yup... Scaling CDR blues it is XD by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Yup... Scaling CDR blues it is XD
A continuation of this screenshot if you would:… Guess the scaling CDR blues instead of 3 scaling CDR and 6 scaling MR for the utility works best ;p Though then again, it would have helped me at the very end to survive TF's attacks just long enough to Q stun and W eat. But on the other hand, without the CDR the abilities might not have been on cooldown... But for now I'm sticking with the full scaling CDR blues :)

See the link to the previous screenshot for the build :) (with now the blues being all scaling CDR)
I think I'm getting the hang of Tahm :) by NIELSPETERDEJONG
I think I'm getting the hang of Tahm :)
So.. I've been trying those new juggernaut items on Tahm Kench lately, and even made a build idea for him:… on it a number of people replied with all sorts of builds that would work wonders on him (You can read yourself to get a idea :)) however, someone also linked me to this guide: and I decided to give it a try, even though I was sceptical about the lack of hp items. And boy, did I have fun! :D

Instead of going ham, I focused on poking them, and using my W to primairily save my teammates. On a number of occasions (okay, a LOT) I was able to both save and reposition my teammates, allowing our Riven (the one who complimented me) to destroy them :) Also, I once got cornered (before I had my zz'rot portal), and was able to not only survive, but kill 4 of them one after the other XD This version of Tahm is great! I've ad a ton of fun with him :)

I probably should have taken Warmogs instead of ZZ'rot portal, because I was more often then not low on health, which would have been amazing! Nor did I really need the ZZ'rot portal active at that point anymore, and I already did great without those extra resistances. Though then again, it did give both armor and lifesteal, which also works nicely with the new thornmail :)

I also didn't make all my blue runes scaling CDR, but kept the 3 scaling CDR and 6 scaling MR. But honestly I did pretty good without them :) Though ofcourse there were moments where I wish I had it XD So I'm still thinking wether or not I want to keep it like that. Since I did often narrowly survive, and the scaling MR probably had a say in that.
So as some of you know, a while ago I posted a journal entry telling a number of Zac x Riven fanfictions I found over the years Amazing Zac x Riven fanficTIONS! :DI don't often post journals related to fanfics XD But one of my favourite fanfiction artists, LolGoau, has just drawn an amazing Zac x Riven fanfiction! <3 I honestly was not expecting that, and it's awesome to see such a well known fanfic writer write about one of my OTP's! <3 It is actually really hilarious, touching, and a bit sexy combined! :3 I've read a number of good fanfictions in the past, but I really REALLY recommend reading this one! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! ^_^
There is a bit of lemon at the end though, but the artist warns for that beforehand :)
Here is a link to it: (Lemon)
Hope you all like it, and tell me what you think about it here? I'd love to read your reactions as well! :)
EDIT: Also, an artist from DA :icondemaciansentry: has begun writing fanfics about this pairing
Some of these are short, while others have finished or the writers have taking a pause on writing them. However they are all still great, and I strongly recommend reading them :)

However, recently I had the pleasure of reading :icondevioussockmonkey: his brand new Zac x Riven fanfiction: Broken Blade. Which you can read here on…

The writing is very good, and I had a blast reading the first chapter :) I highly recommend everyone to follow him on, as his story is already very promising, and I have high hopes it will only get better :)


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HiViH Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
Woah, I was just randomly linked by Gabriel his Icathia site, and stumbled into your amazing Tahm art, clicked on it to see the bigger version, got here and found out you have been watching me..??

I typically go to all my watchers profile to personally thank them and check their shit out, so I dont know how I missed yours skills <_>
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
Wow, thank you for the compliments! :D

I'm not a artist though, but instead a commissioner who supports artists :) The Tahm Kench pictures costed a bit, so I'm happy to hear that you appreciate them! ^_^
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