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Deniya the deathknight by Deniya
by Deniya

I think the pose is pretty good, as it shows a great improvement on the anatomy. I like the idea of the new armor, and how it is connec...



I'll support you so you can carry me by NIELSPETERDEJONG
I'll support you so you can carry me
Remember when I said I had a Fizz x Nami craze because I played jungle Fizz after I broke my foot and loved it and my friend introduced me to the Fizz x Nami pairing? *inhales* Well the incredibly awesome 稚野 (修☆羅★場☆中) from Pixiv… drew this for me :) The two most under apprecaited roles in League of Legends, the jungler and the support, both showing their amazing epicness and show just how kick ass they are despite not taking the xp and gold showering laning jobs, and just how much they change the face of the game! :w00t:

Enjoy these two underappreciated lovebirds as they are ready to kick some ass! :fuckyeah:
Damage Lizard Sion :D by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Damage Lizard Sion :D
So I had gotten frustrated with my previous Tank/hydra build. Not that I was doing badly, not at all! But for some reason the matches always extended way too long, and my team couldn't do the objectives so well. And hardly anyone surrendered while I was going tank jungle Sion.

So after trying this build Jungle Sion :) I wanted to try a different route (while keeping the masteries and runes the same). And then I stumbled upon this build… I didn't agree with the masteries and runes, so those I kept the same. But he argued that Lizard gave more clear speed and much better ganks early game in exchange for not being a unkillable tank early. Truth be told, there were a couple of moments that were close as being not too tanky Sion. However, on the other hand I got my hp stacks faster, and I was a MUCH bigger treat so they couldn't ignore me. The rest of the items would be Frozenheart, Maw of mortisius, then a last defensive item (mallet? for also sticking power). And lastly maybe change Lizard for Atma's (I should have about 4k hp at the end? so 60ad along with 15% crit and 45 armor), and change boots of mobility for boots of swiftness.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised :) I finally did have a good team that was great at teamworks (finally XD), but with this build I did a lot of damage with my ganks as well, and made them surrender early. I am still open for the Golem/hydra tank build, but this build just seems like he has more presence :) Also I ended up with the most gold of anyone because of it XD

So yeah, I have two builds. And with this one I feel like I will have much more impact if I get kills myself early :) I highly recommend people trying this build (but with the masteries and runes I listed in the previous jungle Sion screenshot). Trust me, you won't regret it :)
I don't know what it is with Sion battles, but I always seem to have the most rotten luck. Like one of our teammates namely sona goning afk for 10-20 minutes due to a internet bug. Nevertheless, and although it was very long and extended, we finally managed to group up, I ulted in, and we finally destroyed them :) 14 kills, 7 deaths, and 30 assists! :lol: I don't think anyone can claim that I ks anymore ;p (had a bad yasuo player before this mid, who compalined that I kill stealed because I ended up getting the kill.. Like dude, the jungler also deserves that kill, we both do equally :P Also better I get the kill then risking him getting away dumbo ;p)

But yeah, tanky hydra again! I had about 3000 spare gold near the end, but I didn't know what else to spend it on though ;p But I did have 6000 health :) And because of that a 730 hp shield every 4 seconds XD I had some mana problems after extended fights, but overall not bad :) I wish my sion matches weren't so overextended though :/ But oh well, at least I got lotsa gold :) And I think about 1100-1200 bonus hp from my W? Good times :) Oh, and same masteries and runes as the previous times: Jungle Sion :)

I don't often post journals related to fanfics XD But one of my favourite fanfiction artists, LolGoau, has just drawn an amazing Zac x Riven fanfiction! <3 I honestly was not expecting that, and it's awesome to see such a well known fanfic writer write about one of my OTP's! <3 It is actually really hilarious, touching, and a bit sexy combined! :3 I've read a number of good fanfictions in the past, but I really REALLY recommend reading this one! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! ^_^


There is a bit of lemon at the end though, but the artist warns for that beforehand :)


Here is a link to it:… (Lemon)


Hope you all like it, and tell me what you think about it here? I'd love to read your reactions as well! :)

EDIT: Also, an artist from DA :icondemaciansentry: has begun writing fanfics about this pairing as well! :) They are less Lemon so far, but definately interesting and fun to read! You can find them here:… :) (sfw)

EDIT: There is a new Zac x Riven fanfiction writer in town, BluePress, who so far has proven to be a really promising fanfiction writer :) Make sure to pay his page a visit: As well as his fanfiction "Secret matters"… Trust me, you won't regret it! ;) (sfw, maybe lemon later)

EDIT: And here is a more adult fanfiction from XYLag… named Slimy adventure for a reason! XD (~Warning, adult!) And here is another one :)… (warning, once again adult! XD)

EDIT: And there is a new and really talented Zaciven fanfiction writer in town as well :) Her name is cutieinacoffeehat and she is from Tumblr :) You can find the first two chapters to her fanfiction here:…… (sfw)
She is great with well described action scenes, but also realistic interesting and often cute interaction between characters :) If you have a Tumblr account, be sure to follow her for new chapters :)

EDIT: I can't believe it! There was this amazing Zac fanfiction and I've never found it before O.O Serieusly, go check it out!…


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