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December 19, 2012
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Darnassian Nights by NIELSPETERDEJONG Darnassian Nights by NIELSPETERDEJONG
First of all, happy holidays everyone! ^_^ I hope things have been going well on your side as well this year, and that you've had a great year! :)

As for me? things have been rough at some times, having to deal with a old friend turning out nasty, the stress of my final presentation, the uncertainty of finding a new job.. BUT also with finishing my final presentation, meeting more friends and being able to rely on those who really matter, getting my Scuba Diving certificate, seeing Ausies and Newzelland, and finding a new awesome job :) (it involves advanced engineering, and a well respected designer job, I'll leave it at that ;)) Not to mention having a ton of fun with my friends, and commissoining a ton of awesome artists to make more pic with the toons of me and my friends ^_^

Hope I don't sound braggish or anything? XD It's just that when reflecting on the past it has been a positive year for me :) I don't want to jinx it ofcourse, since the year is not over yet, but I hope things will go well this last month as well :)

Anywayz, I commissioned the awesome :iconlunareth: here on DA to once again draw a commission for me, this time with my Pablov and :icondeniya:'s bad ass Night elven rogue :) I hope you guys like how it turned out as much as I do.. I can't begin to thank her enough for making such an awesome picture of these two ^_^ If you happen to be looking for amazing artists, here is one right here! :)

Anywayz, here we can see my Holy Paladin Pablov enjoying a peacefull slumber with his equally happy lover looking on him and keeping a watch over him. Usually Pablov is the one who is looking after her with his healing, but he is only able to do that with her watching his back as well ^_^ Battleground buddies and all that. As well as lovers :3

Anywayz, hope you guys like the pic :)
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I love this!!! The nelf looks JUST like my nelf, and that's probably what she'd do :P She loves draenei
Oh? I like her taste then! :D Tell me more about your Nelf girl? ^_^
shamazindustries Jun 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful piece, thanks for submitting!
^_^ Thanks for your many comments :)
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