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Jayce, Caitlyn, Vi. Piltover's finest! :w00t: Serieusly, I have all 3 on my US account, and their fun to play with :) Will probably get Jinx on my EUW one (will still decide on that). But right now Piltover's finest are together! :D What is it with Riot and them creating awesome champions like this? :) Not htat I"m complaining mind you ;p Have some cool looking Piltovers in suits! :nod:

Drawn by 豆豆先生 from Pixiv… :)
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Eirenare Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Cool that you posted here that drawing from Pixiv xD The author did an amazing job with this, it´s really cool D:

Curiously enough, Caitlyn is easier to play than Jayce and I CAN´T play her but... then I can go perfectly for the kills with Jayce and have fun and be relaxed most of the times, while I think he´s funnier to play but has a kit with double amount of abilities and it´s more complex to play or complicated even o.o I don´t understand why I can play Jayce but not Caitlyn xD

... And I don´t have Vi, but sure as hell that I´ll buy her when I can ^^ I tried her in bots and she´s hella fun xD

Still, I think Jayce is probably the most funny LoL champion to play with. You have double amount of abilities than an average champion, you have 2 forms to switch, you´re hella speedy, your hammer-Q is a DUNK (*v*), he´s sexy and cool, and... you can even put the damn portal IN WALLS so you can act like a sniper since the Q through a portal is 1475 range (MOTHER OF GOD RITO) and it has 40% more speed and damage.

One time I killed a Blizcrank that way and without seeing him xD I was defending the base when I saw Blitzcrank going to the jungle, and I was like "I´m gonna try", so I put the portal in the wall of the base, I threw Q to the bushes and... "You have slain an enemy". I nearly choked with my own laughs and my team was all the time laughing in the chat and the poor Blitzcrank just said "lucky Jayce" xDDDD Oh crap, that was funny xD

Oh, and yesterday, I had insane fun... xD

To start, we had the 3 Piltover´s finest in our team, me top with Jayce, Vi jungler and Caitlyn obviously as ADC xD

And I had to fight in the toplane with Jayce a Soulstealer Vladimir (first time I saw that skin in a game, and I didn´t even know at that moment that it was in the shop, I noticed it was available because of the match xD), and in the middle of early game I was like having nearly 100 minions and poor Vlad had... well... like 50 or so xDDDD The poor thing couldn´t even dodge my portal + Q, the combos, etc. I didn´t have Ignite, I put Teleport for being 24/7 in lane since I god Manamune/Muramana + Essence Reaver (INFINITE MANA WOOHOO xD), lol. He was building armor and he didn´t even buy boots so... taking me down was impossible for him, he had to call their jungle Nunu and I nearly kill him too.

... Funny fact: I did a Quadrakill. Could have been Pentakill if it wasn´t for an enemy Nunu that was dead before I started the Quadrakill xDDDD Our jungle Vi killed him if I recall well xD Only Fizz was able to kill me, 2 times, and I ended up like 9/2/6. He needed for the first time to waste his Flash and his Ult, and in the second time, he used Ignite even... xD

In the end I was like: die Fizz, die Vladimir, die Tristana, die Lux, die... wait, where is that Nunu? Q_Q xD
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
That sounds like a awesome match :) What items did you build? 

And too bad about your penta ^^;

i also had something similar today :) I have a friend and we wanted to play together as adc and supp. I thought Vaybe was fun and interrsting, and she did Nami. I never play adc but wanted to play with her, so I decided to practice Vayne. We couldn't keep up against a Tristana / Tresh, and the jungler refused to help because we were behind for some reason (it was a Lee Sin player btw >.>) Then the Nodalee and Irrlia started flaming when we fed even more due to no help ( Lee visisted a few times, but ways at bad times and too late), with the enemy Tristana calling us "noobs" as well. (Friend of Nidee). All they did was flame and not help, and kept going on (even saying I should get cancer at the end and what not). So yeah.. To them calling others names makes them play better apparently..

then we decided to just play another game, with her Kayle mid and me Rengar jungle. I went for feral flare, tiamat, ghost blade, ionian boots, LW and trinity force. Probably would have traded boots for Infinity edge later ;p It was fun destroying twitch, and even tanky Garen and Udyr with the items :) I went 17/7/14 and carried, and my friend did nicely as well (though she complained that I took most of the kills.. Even though I don't care which one gets it, but don't want himto get away, plus I deserve the kill as well ^^; ). Anyhow, despite a flaming Vayne who was a pain (rymes lol) on our team, I kept staying positive and commenting on the teams good job during the match to keep them to work together, and told them to give positive critique, not flame :) Guess that helped as wel, because we were better at the teamfights ;p 

so yeah, I guess I have the same wih Rengar XD Though my friend sugests Tristana adc, though others say Lucian or Caihlyn. What do you think?
Eirenare Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
I built this (I always play top Jayce, not mid, keep this in mind, but I think it would work fine in mid too), in this order if I recall well (I rarely have the necessity to change items, and well, the boots and the Essence Reaver may change their order depending on match-ups, or I may change boots, but I find Ionians the best if you don´t feel the need to play defensive): Manamune/Muramana + Ionian Boots + Essence Reaver + Youmuu´s Ghostblade + Infinite Edge + Last Whisper/Black Cleaver + enchantment Alacrity.

It´s an all-in build. I´ve studied it´s stadistics in a webpage in which you can create builds, add passive and active effects as well as other things to see how it would bo in any situation, and... damn, it does just WORK. Not just work, but... WORK. Jayce nearly feels as he should be tagged as "assassin" rather than "fighter" or "marksman", seriously.

And it just thrills the Hell out of me who the new champion will be, since they said he´s a toplane champion, and I LOVE challenges. I´ll judge the new champion once he gets in the game against my Jayce. Let´s see if he´s a good match x)

About my Penta... well, I didn´t really cry over it x) It was a little too disappointing since I have the feel that I could have probably done it, BUT then again I remember that I got the kill that did the Quadra risking my own life. How? Well, I just went under the mid turret of the enemy base to melt down a Lux. Really, she melted like butter. 2 or 3 strikes after I Q-hammered her, and I could return out of enemy base. With low health but I returned safe and sound nonetheless xD Bless be Jayces´ portal and his speed, haha.

So well, I´m actually happy, since I´ve NEVER done a Quadrakill in a normal match. I don´t play rankeds, and my only other 2 Quadras were in Mirror Mode, with Vayne and Lucian xD

... Oh, my. You had flamers? =S Must have been tough... I´m sorry, man. 

But well, as long as you could later have fun on other matches and melt some enemy champions, that makes your day, isn´t it? x3 Have fun is the most important thing, and nearly all the people forget that when they go to play D: For example, I lost some games with Jayce, but I had hella fun playing him xD Although sometimes, well, as you say, you find flamers... xD But well, flamers doesn´t even deserve a thought, if they flame, just reporting them x) 

As for Rengar, it may sound silly but I play him like... sloppy xDDD Really, REALLY sloppy. I bought him long ago but I don´t like to play him that much D: I always mess up playing with him one way or another xD So I admire a lot what you did with Rengar, haha, and I respect too other Rengar players xD ... And fear them, by the way. When a Rengar growls and gets out of the bush, it used to make me freak the hell out of me... Even one day my poor chest ached for HOURS after a Rengar jumped on me on a friendly match .__.

Congrats for your Rengar match! x3

And I´m glad to know that there is someone that tries to do just like me, to try to make teammates be at peace while fightning, hahaha, since well, internal fights it´s true that can RUIN games, and hey, if you have to fight, fight with your character skills against other characters and that´s all :p xD I don´t get why so much people flame others lol.

About ADC... This will probably sound silly too, but I don´t play Tristana as ADC, or Caitlyn, and I used to play Lucian long ago when he got released... before I stumbled upon Varus and I fell in love with him as ADC lol xD 

I don´t know what to recommend you, but I can analyze a little. Tristana has a good set BUT it mostly scales AP, and that´s a handicap. But her range is just HELL for a lot of other ADCs xD Caitlyn, long range, good set, I would recommend her a lot, that´s it. About Lucian, I think it wouldn´t be "safe" to get used to play him now, since he´s receiving some changes, and he´s still "like W.I.P." with his changes.

So between those 3, I would pick Caitlyn as ADC xD Tristana, by the way, does REALLY good as AP in the mid. Have you tried her AP? (I don´t, but I´ve seen it, and Hell, it´s terryfing when they got so fed and have some items bought D: )
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
The way you described playing Jayce reminds me a lot of playing Rengar :) I actually stopped playing him for a while in between because I couldn't handle the changes to him. And when he came out reworked i was a bit hesitant. But then there was this Rengar playing Ryan Cho, and he had a great build (even though he was top, and I prefer Rengar jungle), so ever since I have been experimenting with a lot of builds (the most recent one I used in this match:… ) and I have never had more fun playing him! :D It's all about finding good items and item build order, and right runes and masteries :) He takes a while to get good at, but after a lot of practice, he is finally back to being a really awesome champion! :D Which is why I would also love to be good at Jayce again :)

Also what is your skill order? And runes? :) And which items do you start with and rush first? :)
Eirenare Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Yeah! That´s it, finding good items and a good build order, runes and masteries ^^ Some people may think a champion is under, or nerfed to Hell, but if you can combine those things good and you can play the champion and you have fun playing it, damn, why not to play it? x)

And sometimes you can shut some accusative mouths xD

This is the fantastic guide I found in Mobafire that I read and I just loved it, and that´s how I work:…

It was supposed to be just a "champion test" in the latest rotation in which Jayce was, but since using that guide, I ended up loving him. And the funny fact was that, after playing him in some custom games to get used to him, my first normal match during the rotation was... against another toplane Jayce! ^^ ... I won x) xD

My skill order is always the same as in this guide, since it´s the best option. You want to get ASAP your Q, W and E, since you already have the R, and the optimal sequence is to max Q for the damage, R every time you can, and then, W and E. W first since you can recover mana more quickly, and you have some more damage (and magical). E is the latest I max. 

The combos are still simple, Cannon Mode, E + Q, W if you can, Hammer Mode, Q, W in the air quickly, E if you can kill with it or led the enemy champion with that push to your turret or to an ambush or to corner him.

About runes, I use my ADC ones, just as the guide above xD 9 Marks of Attack Damage, 9 Seals of Armor, 9 Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resistance, and 3 Quints of Attack Damage.

Here you have a link, by the way, for if you want to see how ALL the stadistics of the build will work on Jayce, or if you plan some other builds for him or other champions:

My items are quite simple but effective. You pick Doran´s Blade and a Health Potion, since you want to harrass from the start and you can profit the Lifesteal from the beginning with your Cannon Mode. Since you can lasthit minions from a 500 range (that´s pretty much the range that Lucian got with today´s patch), you can kite pretty well, evade trades, and keep your life full and even kill minions under your turret with no problems. You can harrass a lot but... since the mana it´s a problem, here goes the first item: Manamune.

Tear is the first item, you can combine it with the first Boots, Potions and even other items like the Brutalizer... But I like all the more to have first the Tear, the Boots and save for the Manamune xD Since the faster you get it, the faster you´ll achieve Muramana. 

Then you have to see if you´re already doing good with your first Boots or if you need to upgrade them. I ALWAYS go for Ionian boots, since with the build I´m going to tell you, you´ll have... maximum cdr! And that, being Jayce, is HELL for the enemies. HELL. However, if you´re still doing good with that boots and don´t need the upgrade soon, go for the Essence Reaver.

Although the Essence Reaver recipe and cost changed today, so did the bonus, and now gives... 80 AD! For only 750 more gold... That´s pretty good. If you want to rush Essence Reaver before Ionian Boots, you can either go for the Vampyric Staff, or the B.F. Sword. If you have enough money, B.F. Sword would do enough, since you have already the Lifesteal from Doran´s Sword and, for now, you don´t need probably to rush more.

Or you can either pick Ionian Boots + Vampyric Staff, if you have money enough saved.

Youmuu it´s the next, and you should build Brutalizer first because of its amazing bonus for being so cheap, and with Jayce, it does really good. Youmuu´s provides all Jayce needs in an item: 30 AD, 10% cdr, 15% critical strike chance, and an AWESOME active that you can use every 45 seconds.

Infinite Edge will allow you for more deathly strikes, and the more you damage, the more manage you recover, and if you get a critical hit... well... moar mana! x) Aaand more crying enemies... xD 

Last item is, as the item says, Last Whisper. The last item you pick, and you precisely will deliver them to death so you can hear their last whisper x) xD Good AD amount and 35% armour penetration.

Now add to the bonus you have switching between Cannon Mode and Hammer Mode, and you´ll just penetrate all their defenses like crazy.

Enchantment: alacrity. Always. You´ll have 53x movement speed if you use well your spells to give you more speed. Or you can pick Captain, too. Homeguard is good for defense base, as always.

Moving to masteries...

As you can see, it´s all about a little more sustain and for hell of damage. I think it doesn´t need a lot of explanation ;) Maximum cdr, more attack speed with combined with Cannon-W makes turrets fall down quickly, and so will do enemies, and Spell/Blade Weaving masteries are just delightful with Jayce. Warlord, Devastating Strikes and Havoc will do the rest x)

Buuut I can´t recall well if I could (and in that case, if I did) put 3 points to Executioner and 0 to Expose Weakness, insted of 2 points to Executioner and 1 to Expose Weakness. I think it´s best to put 3 points to Executioner and 0 to Expose Weakness if you can do so xD

About spells, Flash is a MUST always. And then, the optimal options are either Teleport or Ignite. With Teleport, you can be 24/7 nearly in your lane, and if your opponent doesn´t have Teleport, he´ll loose way too much minions and you´ll be able to farm far more than the lane rival. Ignite, however, makes you an even more fearful opponent, since it´s true damage added to your combos, and that´s a lot of damage.

Choose how you like it xD I always pick Teleport, since it allows to gank anywhere, too, and you can return quickly to your lane. Or to do a "blitzkrieg" and take down a turret while enemies are too much focused on a fight, or if they have less alive members than your team.

That is all xD

I would tell some tricks, but I bet you already used them (you know, the "hammer-E a jungle monster then Q him so you can be out of jungle", the "I can put my portal into walls and shoot you in the distance with my Q with that"...) xD
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
I think that guide was pretty solid :) Thanks a bunch! :D

And no, I didn't know about those tricks XD But if you Hammer E a minion, won't you lose sight of it before you can Q it?

But do tell me more tricks :)
Eirenare Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Haha, no problem pal! ^^

Oh, you did not know them? o.O Then I´ll be glad to tell you some that will make you feel troll like Hell... but troll in a good way, the SUCCESS way x)

About your question: the trick is that you probably have the minions walking in the lane at that moment ;) Or either you can place your yello ward on the other side of the wall. That way you can escape. Here I let you a video about that:…

And you can do it on other jungle monsters, such as the Wraiths, and I don´t know if it works with Blue and/or Red, I have to try it xD But it seems that (looking at the video, in the part in which he hammer-E a Wraith and then hammer-Q it) when you push it, you have little time in which you can see it. I don´t know if it´s a bug or not, by the way, but I´ll try more tricks with that, and see in which walls you can do or not do that.

... Yeah, and in the Golems of the botlane in blue side seems to work too and you have visibility over the monster you hammer-E even if you don´t have wards o.O ... Cool. As I said, I don´t know if it´s intended, or a bug, but I like it xD 

About other tricks... x)

Yeah, as I said, you can do some troll things to surprise the enemy.

The cannon-E, formerly the Portal (xD), can be put in a bush to see if an enemy is there. If the portal is placed in a way that "collides" with the champion hiding there, you´ll see it, BUT not in the mini-map if I recall well, but you can see it on the bush itself. If I remember well, that´s it.

With the cannon-Q, it´s something similar: you Q a bush and if an enemy is there and the cannon-Q impacts the enemy, it will show him as long as the hit effect ilumination is there. That, for example, is an advantage you have with Jayce and NOT exactly with Varus. In Varus´ case, if you cast Q to a bush and you impact an enemy, you can only know it´s there and that you hit him because it will make that characteristic sound when his Q impacts.

Let´s continue with the trolling...

I already said that you can put to good use the cannon E and Q to see if there is an enemy in the bush, right? ... But there is something far better: Jayces´ cannon-Q can trespass walls, and you can put the cannon-E INTO A WALL. INTO A WALL!

Sounds crazy, and it probably is, but... hey... Tryndamere can trespass walls with his spin, and Shyvana with his not-so-high-jump, so this is probably less crazy xD

A good strategy to scare the hell out of your enemie, if you´re in top, in the purple side, is: make sure they don´t have warded the river bush, ward it, go to the river bush itself, unlock the camera, put the portal IN THE WALL and quickly do a cannon-Q through it.

Why to do this? Simple: if in the middle of toplane you have weakened the enemy and you have probably the same farm your rival has, and/or if he didn´t notice you disappeared, or if he´s distracted killing minions and he´s REALLY close to a group of minions you can aim at, or if he´s just BEFORE the group of minions and you can aim him... you´ll probably kill him

The accuracy of this "sniper time" relies 90% on you, since: 1) not too much people knows how to play Jayce 2) not too much people knows how to play AGAINST Jayce 3) even less people knows these tricks so they won´t expect a portal IN the wall itself 4) they won´t probably be able to dodge the Q since it´s 40% speedier.

Trust me, they´ll freak the hell out of themselves if they suddenly got impacted by that 40% faster missile that can go 40% more of distance (1475 range through a portal, that´s insane, you can aim a champion that is BEHIND the first top tower in the blue side from the river bush probably), and that can do 40% more damage.

You´ll either force them to build armor or boots. Or both. And that´s an advantage since they probably don´t know, or don´t expect or remember, that the W does magic damage constantly and that the E does 20% of their maximum life and 100% of your AD... as magic damage.

So, just enjoy xD

And more tricks... Ah, this! This is a combo that will scare the hell out of them and I love it xD

If the enemy is pushing to your tower or they don´t seem to have warded river and you´re in the purple side, you can go from the tri-bush to the river bush and let them advance to the tower, confident... Then, you just put the cannon-E and you cross it, change to hammer mode quickly, jump with hammer-Q to the enemy (let´s say, a Renekton, or Tryndamere), you activate W in the air for more damage, and you hammer-E them to the right, far from somewhere they can escape or from the minions that... surprise, they´re all near death because of your combo, the turret, and your minions xD

If you´re lucky and accidentally he damages you (if the enemy is a Renekton and has for example the Solar Cape), you´ll be a big troll since the turret is now quickier to "deduce" that champions are attacking you, and will hit him. 

Two things can happen: either the enemy flashes to a secure place or fail-flashes, both because of being scared, or either he doesn´t have Flash and you can finish him. In both cases it´s a GG.

You can either use your Flash to reposition yourself and land the hammer-E. For example, you do the combo, but before you can hammer-E the enemy, you notice he´s on your left instead of your right (I always put for example purple side, but this can apply to blue side as well changing directions). The solution? Flash to the left so you have the enemy to your right, hammer-E him so he ends up really close to your tower, and just kill him.

If you have Ignite, your killing potential just improves.

But I recommend Teleport for ganking, because lots of toplaners use Teleport and you won´t want to fall back in farm, and because you can protect towers, bait ot ambush xD

An example about the troll combo with tower, I did yesterday x) Although Baron Replays wasn´t working for me and I couldn´t record it, but I loved it.

I had a Renekton (not from rotation, the user had the Pool Party Renekton skin), we were both low in life close to the range of my first top tower (I was on purple side), and... Renekton ulted. I was about to die, I was activating Potions, but you know how many life a Renekton can steal, right? ... But... I did the troll thing: I calmed myself, hammer-Qed him and activated W, landed my E to him so he would end up close to the tower because... guess what? He didn´t notice that HIS minions were nearly finished...

So the turret attacked him.

He lost his ult to kill me, and not only he didn´t kill me when he was REALLY close, but I ended up killing him xD

Jayce sure brings out to the surface the troll part of me, lol xD

Although now I´ve been playing him since the 4.12 patch and it´s a little bit more complicated to get sooner the Essence Reaver, and I mess up a little with the items since the Essence Reaver and Manamune recipes changed, but still, it´s only that I didn´t get used to it, and it´s sure a good change xD That opens some options, depending on how much gold you have, if more or less.

Oh, and not to talk about how can Jayce "buff" his allied jungle, specially if it´s a one with good mobility, like Vi... Oh, crap. That´s insane the ganks you can help with. Yesterday my friend picked up Vi and I picked Jayce, and we were the butchers of the toplane. I ended with a poor score, 2/2/9, against an Olaf unranked and another Vi jungle that was Silver 4, but given that most of the times my Vi ganked she killed him, or the enemy Vi (we´re both unranked), because I couldn´t reach them or I had the portal or the Q on cooldown... she REALLY got fed xD

Fed as Hell itself xD And I loved it, hahaha. Only one or two of the kills were KS, but I don´t really mind the KS: as long as the enemy dies and an ally can have better items to be a bully earlier, and I can help, I´m happy. Although if I were the ADC and they KSed me, I don´t think it would be that good since the ADC has to be as much fed as he can, but well, if you´re a toplaner and your jungle KS you, it isn´t that much important as it would be KSing an ADC, I think xD

The better kill in all the match was a "blind sniper" that I did, lol. We were at the enemy bot tower (we were blue side in that match), and I saw the enemy Vi going behind the tower but there was the fog so I could see NOTHING. We didn´t even know if there was someone there waiting for us, be it Vi or whoever.

So I just thought "maybe I could try...", and I put the Acceleration Portal, did the Shock Blast through it, and... SURPRISE! "You have slain an enemy". It was the enemy jungler Vi xD

The chat was like:

"(Enemy jungle Vi): Jayce... rlly?"

"(Eirenare) Jayce: *smiley face*"


I don´t know why but this is happening me a lot, it happens to me nearly in every match, that I kill "blindly" enemies just using my instincts, lol. ... Well, my instincts, and that they don´t dodge my missile xD The enemy Olaf for example didn´t even know how to dodge my Qs through the portal... xD And in a match, days ago, I had an enemy Nasus that 90% of the times didn´t dodge even my normal Qs, not done through a portal xD


To sum it up: Jayce has lots of funny tricks that will make your enemies rage probably, and he has lots of advantages. Aaand he´s way better in toplane than in mid, because in mid, you can´t make use of most of your tricks, given the position of the walls, and how short the lane is D: 
JadirJunior Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Great Work :D
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I love this! Awesome Work!!
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Great Job, its all so well done I don't know where to start =D.
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
I"m happy to hear that! :D Well you can start wherever you want XD But I'm happy to see you already like it so much ^^
snayku Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Love how her lower legs are obscured, and there's only one place in the piece that has motion; the emphasis on her right mech arm is really cool.
HellknightLeon Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm a massive Dota fan have been for almost a decade... but man can Riot make some awesome champs. Lux, Vi, Jinx... good work guys.
NIELSPETERDEJONG Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Thanks! :) Glad you like it! :D

And you should see my Furaffinity page then ;) I post all the more adult stuff there :)
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Scythes4Hands Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Its the Swaggers of Piltover ^______^ Awesome!
Vi and Jayce look gooooooood that way!
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They got the swag bros! :D

Hoping it might become a skin for them XD
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